Hey CPE parents,

We need class parent help for both the virtual teachers and a few in-person teachers!!

No one has to tell you that this year has been full of uncertainty. If there is one thing we are certain about however, it is that teachers and staff still need our love and support.

This year we have dedicated online teachers for the first time ever. Unfortunately none of them (except for one) have a dedicated class parent at the moment. We are very aware that everything is in constant motion, so we were wondering if there are some parents willing to adopt these teachers, regardless of if your child is in their class or not.
If you feel up to this task please consider signing up 🙂.

Online teachers sign up:

We are still missing a class parent for the following teachers:

1-H: Cronen:

3-E: Pyle

4-E: Keisler:

5-C: Shoecraft: