Thank you to everyone who contributed to our 2020 Friends of Carolina Park Campaign! We want to give a special thanks to these extra special donors!!


Coyote Chief

The Soliozy Family


Coyote Commissioner

Sara and Jason Bidgood


Coyote Commander

The Arthur Family

Colucci Family

Cook Family

The Crompton Family

Tara and Corey Heenan

Hennessee Family

Susan and Ben Huntington

The Krause Family

The Raczniaks

The Roslund Family

The Spivey Family

Pam and Allan Stewart

Thorp Family

Waagner Family


Coyote Captain

The Evans Family

The Jardin Family


Coyote Champion

Derrick and Clair Apple

Adam and Keri Bush

The Deaton Family

The Fritts Family

Ingram Family

Beau and Suzanne Ledford

The Mars Family

Emanuel and Anca Morar

Jenn Paul, Coldwell Banker

Josh and Emily Payne

Nick and Jen Pecoraro

Darren and Lora Prevatte

Radford Family

Russell and Amy Thurston

The Tinker Family

Koa and Riley Twitty

Thomas and Lucas Ung

The Volino Family

The Wan Family


Coyote Celebrator

The Ausburn Family

Linda Caliri

Jody Caudill

Cooper Collins

Carlee Dane

Gareth & Ashley Davies

Steven and Michelle Delcioppo

Corey and Rebecca Dueger

Gary and Rocio Duval

Sarah and Travis Free

Brian and Michele Gabriel

The Gibbons Family

Jack & Lara Hoey

Benjamin Huston

Ingram Family

The Keegan Family

Brendan Keenan

The Layton Family

The Mack Family

McCue Family

Morris Family

Rebecca Phelps

Misty Rinehart

The Shappee's

Jay and Jessica Shapr

The Shone Family

The South Family

Stanley Family

Tenaglia Family

From Kaygo and Sanji

Thach Tran

Natalie and Louis Verdetto

Owen and Farrah Young


Coyote Classmate

The Alexander Family

Myles and Bryn

Amalia Doyle De Aporszegi

JC and Sue Azizi

Bailey Family

Boas and Jennifer Baumann

Allen and Jennifer Beckett

Jennifer Blakenship


The Bluemner Family

Audrey and Annabeth Bodily

Dusty and Holly Boggs Estie and Hattie-Montgomery

Alicia Brown's Family

Drew Butler

Agnes M. Cantey

Terri Caruso

Destiny and Robbie Cortis

The Craig Family

The Cuneo Family

Mike & Jessica Daugherty

Todd and Sara Dietrich

Macey Domin

Su Family

Donohoe Family

Blake and Riley Dunn

The DuPonts

Sally and Steve Edmunds


Patty Emmert

Priftis E & K

Juan and Hilary Feliz

Jim and Megan Ford

Anna Gray French

The Gaidamovic Family

Jaya and Vamsi Gangaraju

Ganley Family

Carole Goss

Nancy and Daniel L Grave

The Green Family

The Greene's

The Gruber Family

The Grundahls

Anna and Uriel Gutierrez

Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Ham III

Harriott Family

Megan and Crane Hassold

The Highlands

Hogan Family

Robbie Keane

Petra Keane

Hurman Family

Quinn's Family

Bret and Kristina Jones

Mallory and Maria Jones

Bryan and Christine Kelly

Knight Family

Kranz Family

Lewis Family

The Lovas Family


Jessica Marmor

Brenda and Ken McArver

McDonough Family

Larry and Miriam McMahon

The Meade Family

Mercuri Family

The Moran Family

Elizabeth and Steve Murphey

Nagpal Family

Narwold Family

The Neher Family

Eva Nelson

Christy Oppelt

Carel Peacock

Payton and Taylor Pizzurro

Richardson Family

The Riddle Family

The Roberts Family


David and Carlene Sample

Nancy Sansom

Tim and Rebecca Sheatzle

Josie and Analisa's Grammy and Grampy

The Seiberts

The Serano Family

Grandparents of Briget and Madelyn Scott

Steven and Maridith Spengler

Mary and Aaron Stahl

Stringer Family

Carol Strittmatter

Alyssa L. Strittmatter

Avery Sutton and Family

Tenaglia Family

Tompkins Family

Krystyl Vana

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Watson

Steve and Jessica Wiley

Chris and Kara Wilson

Maria and Rob Woodul

The Wurst Family

Kevin Young

Lyla and Alyx's Grandparents

Zollars Family


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